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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Wedding Planner Do?​

That is a difficult question to answer. Every event is a little different. Every client is unique and requires attention in different aspects throughout the planning process into the day-of execution. It is our job over at Howard and Oliver Events, LLC to make your vision become reality without a hitch. We pour our heart and soul into every wedding and event. From finding the perfect entertainment to feeding the best man his speech to making sure you are able to enjoy your own event are just minor tasks we will make sure happens on your special day. Ensure your trust in us to plan, personalize, and coordinate your BIG EVENT and we will make sure it becomes a MEMORABLE EVENT!

What's the typical cost of a wedding?

The typical price for a wedding planner can exceed $25,000. Here at Howard and Oliver Events, LLC, we like to customize each package and make it affordable. We understand the importance of living after your wedding. We will search for the best deals and the best vendors.

Why do you need a wedding planner?

Stress safe guard, who handles all Big Day mishaps and unplanned events.

  • Sounding board, throughout the planning process.
  • A team to bring you vision to life.
  • We can help you make informed decisions.
  • Customization of your wedding needs.
  • Someone to design and manage the planning, ceremony, and reception timeline.
  • A planner employs the family, friends, bride and groom with the ability to experience the wedding and live in the moment.
  • Keep the bridal party on schedule.
  • Make sure your guest are taken care of.
  • Most importantly we allow the Bride to be the BRIDE!!!